company history

The Partners of River Street Capital have between them over 100 year’s collective experience in the property investment and development business. Our track record is long and well established and one of making highly successful, value based investments achieving exceptional performance. This extensive experience has been gained through all market and economic cycles.

Our backgrounds are varied and quite unique to Property Investment and Asset Management. We have experience in asset purchases, with associated management, corporate restructuring and trading property companies as owners and on behalf of shareholders. In all cases our philosophy is to create value and wealth for our shareholders and investors.

Property Investment and Asset Management not only focuses on the ability to manage the asset in an efficient manner, creating value in the process, but primarily in the ability of its principals to be able to see and seize an opportunity, whilst adopting a prudent and rigorous approach to the spending of investor or shareholder capital. Added to this is the ability to know when to dispose of an asset. Property is if nothing else, all about timing.